We as parents taught Madi to be strong, confident, respectful, and how to work hard…but you can’t teach fun. This is why I am so thankful for your studio. You created an environment that shows her how to have fun while being challenged, part of a team, pushed, critiqued, praised, and held to high standards. This environment has inspired her to be even more confident, organized, prepared, punctual, inclusive and kind. I see these traits spill from dance class over into school and home life.  I asked Madi to give me three word to describe Short Dance Studios, she said, “creative, encouraging, and friendly”.

-The Dirks

I’m so thankful to have found Short Dance. My three daughters love it here so much! There is a great fit for each of their personalities. From fun recreational to having extra performance opportunities to full on competition, there is something for everyone. You will have our support for years to come.
-Cassie J.

Thank you so much for choreographing our incredible dances this year. Thank you for allowing us to use your studio space, your help in cleaning and technique and ultimately giving us two routines we were proud to perform. Thank you also for coming to conferences! We can’t wait to work with you again!
-Kacie Larkowski and Hayley Ueland and the Somerset Dance Team

My daughter really enjoys going to dance and wants to go early to watch the other dancers as well. It seems as if it is a community of sorts and emphasis was not only towards dancing but other aspects of friendship, etc. This is a very positive environment for kids.
When we attended the recitals we were VERY IMPRESSED! The crowd was encouraged to participate and cheer. That is awesome. The dancers need that.
the dance routines themselves were not only great but they were entertaining. (even my husband was impressed) I have been to numerous recitals, and yours was creative, fun and impressive. Needless to say, we will be returning to Short Dance in the fall. I will gladly refer anyone I know to your studio. -Jennifer J.

Wade & Jessica, Thank you so much for bringing me to your amazing facilities to work with your dancers. Your students are Fantastic! Thank you for such a great opportunity.
-Allie Walsh, New Fusion Dance and Performing Arts Instructor

Wade and Jessica, Thank you for your amazing gifts. Sharing with this team has allowed us to dream beyond what we thought was possible! We are here to be the best we can be, Thanks to you.
-Christy Johnson, Coach Osceola Dance Team 2016
Wade, Thank you for helping us become better dancers both physically and mentally! We Learned so much.
-Taylor, Osceola Dance Team
Thank you so much for helping us become stronger and the best team we can possibly be for our competition season! Your someone I look up to and hope to be one day!
-Hannah, Osceola Dance Team
Thank you I feel I have improved a ton with your help.
-Leah, Osceola Dance Team
Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to work with us. You were awesome!
-Heather, Osceola Dance Team
Thank you so much for taking the time to work with us! It was worth it!
-Natalie, Osceola Dance Team

Wade, Thank you for your amazing and innovative choreography for our dance team.
-The Somerset High School Dance Team 2016

Wade & Jessica, You guys have been a second set of parents to me, and I can’t put into words how grateful I am for everything you have done for me and taught me. Because of you I know what I want to do for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for everything. I miss you and your kids so much but I know we will never lose contact.
-Lydia King

Dear Short Dance Studios, Thank you for our week long intensive! WE WILL BE BACK!!!
-The Somerset High School Dance Team 2015

Thank you for having me teach at your convention on Sunday. I really enjoyed your students. The first two classes really seemed to enjoy modern dancing and doing some different stuff. The last class may have been a little young but they sure did try. I wanted to let you know that your Inver Grove studio is amazing. I teach workshops at a lot of studios and I’m thinking that yours is the best I’ve seen. Great space, nice windows, and there was something about that floor…sure felt a lot cushier than other places. Thanks again.
– Laura Mitchell, Modern and Master teacher

It was SUPER fun teaching for you guys once again. Congratulations on your beautiful new facility and—most importantly—on the disciplined, courteous, and attentive students you’re developing. They really have improved over the years!
-Marius Andahazy, Bolshoi Dancer and Master Ballet Instructor

The Love and warmth your teachers provide for my daughter is only matched by the experience and valuable life lessons they teach her. We are truly blessed to have found such a fantastic place for our daughter to grow and become a respectful and responsible adult. Thank you for all you do!
-Stephanie R.

Thank you for everything. I am so glad I get the privilege to say, I DANCE AT SHORT DANCE! I love coming to class every day. You make my pain worth it! Haha! Merry Christmas and thank you for everything!
-Kiasha Michelle Cooper and Catherine Reed Short

I really enjoyed the dance recital this year. I loved all the dances and the costumes were beautiful! Great music too! I really just miss watching Julia, but I am glad I can still enjoy a show every year!!!
-Cindy Koehnen

Thank you for performing for our residents. They couldn’t believe the talent your students have. Please come and perform for us again. You are superb entertainers.
-The Deerfield nursing home

Wow! Thank you for your performance Monday night. Your interpretation of music and professionalism are tops! Please come next year.
-Barb Peterson (President New Richmond Fine Arts Council)

I wanted to thank you for all you do for Lydia’s dance education. You will never know how much I appreciate the tasteful and artistic choreography and costuming, not to mention the technique she has learned this year. After seeing other studios perform it makes me appreciate you that much more. I also wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the choices for summer classes. It is so good for the girls to stay in shape during the off season. I am sure many don’t realize the benefits of dancing in the summer yet. It shows when there is more disciplined instruction. With the choices that are available, Lydia can pick which weeks she wants to dance and we will have opportunities for family vacation as well. I value the professional instruction that Lydia receives and have seen her grow so much with you. And as your summer schedule shows, she will continue to grow as a dancer and a young woman.
-Kathy King

Thank you for your donations and bringing smiles to our kids faces.
– Hill Top Elementary school

We are ecstatic that Callie has the opportunity to work under your creativity, work ethic, and talent. She’s growing in discipline, self-esteem and her love of dance! I am thankful for your teaching and dedication to these young kids!
-Laurie Larrabee School teacher New Richmond, WI

Your patience, knowledge of dance and ability to make learning fun is what keeps me with Short Dance..Along with the fact that your choreography is totally awesome!
-Demi Jo Kostka

Thank you for being such inspiring teachers and mentors. We value your talents and knowledge of dance.
-The Gusts

You have made me a better person in dance and in life. I’ve learned dedication, perserverence, what it takes to win, how to take losses and so much more. When I come to dance I am surrounded by all of my best friends. I feel like I belong. You have no idea how wonderful you are.
– Julia Britzius, former SDS dancer

Your dancers are being instilled with a love of dance as well as great technical instruction. It is a joy to watch your dancers perform. Your studio is a model to be followed.
-Starbound National Talent Competition Judge

Since being away from Short Dance I realize how much I took for granted. The 4 Studios I have been in are tiny in comparison to your studio. The Short Dance studios are so big in comparison to anywhere else and your sound systems are something I completely took for granted. Also, thanks for preparing me with such an awesome background in dance. I choreographed pieces people said were the best they had ever seen at Stevens Point. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without all the things you have taught me. After dancing at other places I realize how much I took it for granted. Thank you.
-Sam Nolte (Stevens Point Dance Grad and Chicago Tap company member)