What happens if there is bad weather?
If there happens to be bad weather, an employee of Short Dance will notify you via email and place a cancellation message on the studios voicemail. Make sure you keep up to date contact information in your customer portal account.

What if I miss a class?
If a class is missed, you have the option to make it up in another class of the same type. You MUST inform the front desk of your makeup so it can be documented and will enable us to make sure you are attending an appropriate class. If you miss a class and do not make it up, you are still required to pay for the class.

What shoes and apparel are required for each class?
Required shoes and apparel are listed under each specific class on the Class Description sheet and next to the apparel display board. Required dancewear and dance shoes must be worn to all classes. Failure to wear required dancewear to class could result in students being asked to sit out of the class. Students are not permitted to wear jeans or shoes worn on the street or outdoors to any dance class. For safety reasons, students are asked to not wear jewelry and long hair MUST BE tied back and out of the face.

How do we order shoes?
All shoes and apparel can be conveniently sized, ordered and picked up at the studio. A measuring stick and instructions on sizing, as well as, samples to try on will be provided at the studio. The office staff can help you with all of your sizing and ordering needs. Some items can be seen online as well. Shoes will be ordered a couple of times at the very beginning of the year and then only be ordered once every month at the end of the month starting at the end of September.

Are there any fundraising opportunities?
Fundraisers will be available, but are not mandatory, through the Short Dance Parent Group/Booster Club. See “Fundraising & Booster Club” under the Current Students menu.

When are costumes fitted?
Dancers will be measured during class by either our costume coordinator or one of our costume liaisons at the beginning of the year. 1st costume deposits for recreational dancers are due by mid October (date will be released in September).

How much do the costumes cost?
Costume prices for recreational classes are approximately $70/costume. The remainder of the costume balance is due Nov. 15th and the amount which will be entered into your dance account can be viewed via the customer portal. Once a costume is ordered, the amount due is non-refundable, as it is non-refundable with the costume company for the studio.

When will we receive our costumes?
Costumes will be handed out in the spring. Once all costumes and needed accessories, tights, etc. are in for your class you will be notified via email of the costume try on dates and details.

Do you carry any Short Dance logo apparel?
We do apparel orders twice each dance season. Once in the Fall/Winter right before Christmas and one in the Spring before our annual Recital. Sometimes there are things to sell in the studio. Just ask the front desk and they can show you what’s available!

Are parents allowed to view classes?
Yes, but please remember that viewing class is a privilege. Parents are allowed to watch one lesson of each month. Remember that if they know you are there, you are a distraction to your child and to others. There are cameras in each room and TV screens set up in the lobby for you to view.
(Reasons why parents are not allowed to view choreography sessions: 1-Distracting students from the task at hand. Intricate choreography requires complete attention of dancers. 2-Respect for the artistic integrity of the choreographer.)
Please remember to keep the waiting room atmosphere POSITIVE. Positivity and negativity are contagious. Negative comments and feelings create an atmosphere that is counterproductive to the teaching and education of our students. If actions and words are negative, you will be asked to leave the facility for the remainder of class.

What are studio fun weeks?
We have periodic weeks throughout the year during which the dancers are welcome to dress according to the theme and enjoy fun games and dances as part of their classes. These are all detailed on the Info Date Sheet.

What is pre-registration?
Pre-registration is when current Short Dance students are invited to register for the up-coming session/season, before registration is open to the general public. Pre-registration dates are listed on the Info Date Sheet.

What is Family Appreciation Week?
Family Appreciation is a time for parents to join their dancers for special dances during the last part of their classes and enjoy coffee, punch and cookies and many other surprises while they wait. This is a way for the staff to thank parents for allowing us to educate their child(ren).

When is the recital?
We will announce the date and location of the recital as soon as we have secured a facility. We submit requests at several locations and will choose the best option based on the dates that they have available. Recital dates are listed on the Info Date Sheet. The Info Date Sheet is always handed out in the beginning of each season, as well as emailed to parents.