All dancers ages 7 and up are welcome to participate in Short Dance Studios’ in-house convention each year.  Get inspired and motivated with instructors from across the country.  Take ballet with a Russian Master who has danced with the Bolshoi Ballet, learn combinations with an Olympic choreographer, dance with a cast member of Sesame Street, learn Hip Hop and Break Dancing from real B-Boys, as well as, others that have been performing and choreographing professionally for years.  There will be over $2,000 in scholarships given out!  Free T-shirts, lunch and autograph/picture sessions!

Benefits of attending the Short Dance Studios Convention:

-Over $2,000 in scholarships awarded to our students and a better opportunity to receive a scholarship than at other conventions.

-Several professional dancers/choreographers and master teachers who have taught and danced all over the world come to teach your dancer at a Short Dance Studio location.

-Small class sizes for the students to interact with said teachers, compared to classes of 200+ in a ballroom at other conventions we’ve attended.

-Students learned to appreciate all things in life, such as their ability to dance and that their parents support them in their endeavor.

-A safer environment for dancers compared to the usual convention center or hotel ballroom.

-A great educational and motivational experience for all dancers.

-A Complimentary T-shirt & autograph sessions!

-Complimentary lunch!

-The Short Dance studios convention costs less compared to an average of $250 for other conventions.

-A chance to bond with each other, meet new friends and to have better camaraderie for future competitions and recitals.

-A chance to try new styles and techniques of dance.


An overall fun experience for students and teachers! Here are comments from some of the convention teachers:

“You’ve (Short Dance) taken it to another level with the students respectfulness and behavior.”
-Marius Andahazy -of the Bolshoi Ballet in Russia, and the Andahazy ballet company.

“These students are so lucky to have such great dance spaces and facilities. You’ve taken it to another level with the kids and their behavior.”
-Johnette Johnson– Professional dancer and Choreographer

“I’ve been to studios all over MN and the USA, and the professional behavior, respectful etiquette, and their discipline to be here to dance are exemplary.  This comes from their teachers and an extremely well-run studio. These students continue to impress me with how well rounded they are as dancers.”
-Kerry Casserly – Artistic Director at the Lundstrum Center for the performing arts, and Broadway performer.

“These kids pick up steps so well I don’t even have to break them down in detail.”
-Nikki Cullinan – Professional dancer and Hip Hop master class teacher.

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