Work with NCAA National Dance Team Champion members and other professionals to get ready for your season. We offer pom, kick, hip-hop, jazz and ballet technique for ALL levels and abilities including focus on leaps, turns, jumps, kicks, technique, precision, formations, and staging. We also offer endurance/strength training workouts that your team can utilize throughout the rest of the season!

1. Technique Intensive- We provide technical classes over a 3-5 day period working ballet, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, kicks, turns, jumps, leaps, and strength training, etc… You will also receive a day to day curriculum to follow while in your regular team practices. Weekend conventions with guest master instructors also available!

2. Technique Classes- We provide technique classes each week working ballet, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, pom, kicks, turns, jumps, and leaps, etc…

3. Choreography- We provide an intricately cut piece of music with a choreographed routine of any type of dance you choose following your district/states rules/requirements.

4. Cleaning Session(s)- No matter who choreographs your routine, we will come in and clean in for you. Sometimes an outside set of eyes can make the difference between 1st and 2nd place!

5. Studio Dance- After your season ends you can have the opportunity to learn a routine to be performed at our annual recital and the possibility to compete at a local competition.

Email or call the studio to register your dance team today!
IGH: 651-552-9778
NR: 715-246-2300

“Ali was great with breaking things down as needed.  Gabby said she really enjoyed both classes and felt like she really benefited from attending and will continue to benefit from classes.” -Cannon Falls Dance Team Coach, Jamie Swenning