Assistants are always greatly appreciated in order to give more individual attention to students.

If you are interested in becoming an assistant, please contact us!

Assistants must be 12 years old or older to participate.

Assistants are expected to…

  • Arrive to class at least 15 mins. early to help the teacher with any tasks required for that day.You should know all the dancers names and greet them at the door.
  • Be dressed in appropriate dance attire with hair up and out of face.
  • Call at least 24 hours prior to class if you are going to be absent.
  • Find someone to fill in for you and make sure that they call the studio to confirm that they will be taking over for your class that day. (Other assistant numbers available at front desk).
  • Know the students music and dance steps without help.
  • Know how to work the studio sound system.
  • Help out during holiday parties, pictures, dress rehearsals and recitals.

Assistants should not assist to talk with friends but to make sure that the students are learning and having fun. Also assisting with class is an opportunity to learn about breaking down steps, instructing students and how to run/teach a dance class.

Benefits: (If the assistant is timely and consistent to class)

  • Getting volunteer time for schools, church, etc.
  • Getting recommendations from Wade/Jessica if asked ahead of time.
  • Being able to see and experience how to teach a class and deal with kids first hand. PRICELESS!
  • Being a part of a child’s life and helping them to love the art of dance. They will come to know you, expect to see you every week, and will be excited to see you around town and events.PRICELESS!
  • Free recital shirt!
  • A Christmas gift!
  • Flowers and recognition at recital.
  • Gifts from teachers and students.